Ring Name-Silver The Hedgehog



Born-March 4 2002 (age 14)

Birth Place-TBA


Billed from-TBA

Bio Edit

Silver The Hedgehog is an White Furred Mobian hedgehog who is signed to WWE. He serves as an minor supporting character of the WWE Crossover Legends. His first debut was in WWE Legends Evolve where he along with his brother Shadow The Hedgehog went into an bus and was unaware he had headed into an stadium on Earth. He fought his first opponent Brock Lesnar in an handicap match along with Shadow and were easily defeated. After the PPV event, he headed home back to Mobius. Unfortunately as soon as he lived peacefully an unfriendly neighbor who turned out to be Brock Lesnar ambushed him by giving him an F-5 which fueled the hatred between Shadow and Lesnar which also established the rivalry between them. He was later hospitalized and sent to the hospital being taken care by WWE's official doctor Dr. Mario.